Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Benefits of Reiki While Under going Cancer Treatment

The following article was written by my guest contributor Emily Walsh. Thank you for your contribution Emily. My sincere apologies for taking so long to actually publish it. I may publish it in my other blog as well sometime in the future as the information is very pertinent.

Reiki includes an energy therapy that promotes healing by placing your body within a deep phase of relaxation. During the relaxed state, your body could permit your cells to go back to their natural stage of wellbeing and balance. Reiki possesses a positive effect upon every form of sickness from small things such as stomachaches and colds to systemic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Reiki could be especially efficient in assisting individuals in coping with the several challenges undergoing cancer treatment can bring upon an emotional, mental and physical level.

Upon a physical level, it could assist in alleviating the side effects of traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. For instance, one of the more typical side effects experienced by many cancer patients includes fatigue. Following Reiki treatments, patients are energized and have the ability to perform things they did not think was probable - maybe attending a child's play or going to the
store. It provides patient’s energy as they require it, permits them to relax as they require it, and allows them to rest better than they might without it. Upon an emotional and mental level, this exact same relaxation response could assist in calming the fear, worry and anxiety that go along with this disease.

Thus far, proof of the advantages of Reiki used for cancer patients has been anecdotal. But, many studies are trying to discover scientific reasons as to how Reiki will work in the
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medication and in the Cleveland Clinic. With associations such as Society of Integrative Oncology, a multiple disciplinary association of experts, touting the benefits of complementary cancer recovery and treatment, newer methodologies, involving Reiki are getting more popular. More oncologists and cancer centers are starting to realize the advantages these treatments – at one time dismissed with snickers by the ones “in-the-know” – are offering for the ones who do not know where they should turn to find the solution to problems such as the stress and pain related to cancer and its traditional treatments.

As with most complementary treatments, Reiki will take a holistic approach –
treating spirit, body and mind – and is natural and safe. Most cancer patients who’ve attempted it noted a feeling of relaxation, peace, and well-being as the treatment was complete. Reiki will lead your body's molecules to shake at an increased intensity, dissolving all energy blockages which cause disease as well as disharmony. It helps in easing stress, controlling pain, or lessening the side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, involving nausea and additional debilitating issues for mesothelioma patients. It’s additionally considered to better immune function. The average mesothelioma life expectancy is around a year following diagnosis.

What we can say, is that reiki, like many other complementary and alternative therapies, can play a role in comprehensive cancer care and better the livelihoods of those affected by cancer.

Thanks again Emily. Love and Light.