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Intention according to the mighty Wikipedia is defined as:
An agent's intention in performing an action is his or her specific purpose in doing so, the end or goal that is aimed at, or intended to accomplish. Whether an action is successful or unsuccessful depends at least on whether the intended result was brought about. Other consequences of someone's acting are called unintentional. However, recent research in experimental philosphy has shown that other factors may also matter for whether or not an action is counted as intentional. Intentional behavior can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness.

As my Reiki master has said, Reiki is an intent driven system and intent is the key to using Reiki energy healing and attunements.

I remember clearly this story that she shared about an experiment that was done on intentions.

Dr Leonard Laskow and Dr Glen Rein in early 90's did an experiment of intention on cancer cells.

Science was beginning to be able to demonstrate these foundational principles of Cellular Expansion and Healing. As new technology has emerged, capturing the impact of intention was becoming possible.

Healer Leonard Laskow was recruited by American biologist Glen Rein to test the most effective healing strategy for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Rein prepared five different Petri dishes containing identical numbers of cancer cells and then asked Laskow to send out a different intention while holding each one.

The requested intentions were:

  1. The natural order be reinstated and the cells’ growth rate return to normal.
  2. A Taoist visualization that entails imagining that only three of the cancer cells remained in the Petri dish.
  3. No intention, but simply to ask God to have His will flow through Laskow's hands
  4. He offers unconditional love to the cancer cells, which involved meditating on a state of love and compassion.
  5. Visualizing the cells dematerialize, either going into the light or the 'void', this was the only truly destructive intention.
As a yardstick of Laskow’s effectiveness, Rein would measure the amount of radioactive thymidine absorbed by the cancer cells, an indicator of the growth rate of malignant cells.

So, what do you feel is the result expected?

I have been talking about unconditional love and gratitude that I clearly thought the best result would have been by giving love and thanks and therefore number 4 above would have provided the best result?

What do you think? What did you guess would have provided the best result? Which one of the above intention slowed the growth of the cancer cells the most?

Think about it a while before you continue reading.

Among Laskow’s various intentions the most powerful were undirected intentions asking the cells to return to the natural order, which inhibited the cancer cells’ growth by 39 %. So, basically, the 1st intention was the most powerful.

Acquiescing to God’s will with no specific request (the third intention) was only about half as effective, inhibiting the cells by 21 %.

Using the Taoist visualization was also about 21 % effective.

An unconditional love and acceptance of the way things were had no effect either way, so 0% effective.

Imagining the cells dematerialized was also 0% effective.

Imagine my surprise that giving unconditional love did not heal the cancel cells and did not inhibit it's growth at all.

In these two instances, the problem may have been that the thought was simply not focused enough.

And by giving unconditional love to your cancer cells, you are effectively telling your cancer cells that you love them and they are welcome to do as they please ... to continue growing and spreading because they are loved unconditionally.

Imagining the cells dematerialized did not work too because again, it is not focused enough. The cancer cells were normal cells before. Thus, what do you want it to dematerialise into. If it actually dematerialised, you will be lacking those cells.

As such, asking the cancer cell to return to normal and not to grow anymore is the best intention that works.

When used in combination with the Taoist visualisation of only having 3 cells remaining while the rest remained to normal increased the inhibition to 41%.

In essence, you do not want to love your cancer cells or any diseased cells for the matter of fact and you do not want the cells to dematerialise entirely either. So best, we ask these cells to go back to normal, as they were, healthy cells.

And love your normal healthy cells so that they remain as normal healthy cells.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome becuase like me, you are using the computer too long and therefore there is a narrowing of the tunnels and your wrists or thumbs start hurting. Then have the intention that that tunnel is returning to normal and there is no more damage or narrowing of the tunnel.

My doctor recently told be I have 2 slipped disc on my neck, showed me exactly where these discs were on the MRI. So, I have been using Reiki to heal it and also using intentions.

I have an image of the MRI in my head which shows me the 2 discs going back to their place on my back-bone. I literally have a x-ray cartoon playing in my head that the 2 discs have just with a flick of my Reiki hands, moved back into place.

My pain has mostly gone away and the vertigo and headaches have definitely gone away.

So, just using Reiki healing and the right intentions can heal everything.

Also, when healing, I do it for the highest good for all concerned. I do not have any other rules, only 1 golden rule which is to do it for the highest good for all concerned. All concerned for me includes the healer, the healee, mankind, everything surrounding us, Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Universe, the souls, the Divine, the angels and the guardians .... all concerned.

Thank you. For the highest good.

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